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About Religion and Spirituality

Spirituality and religion are not synonyms. In fact, as discussed throughout Doctrine Impossible, these stances are diametric opposites. Consider:

Rational Spirituality
Is intrinsically divisive

Classifies people into groups based on their “right” versus “wrong” beliefs

Sees Man as distinct from other sentient life but separate from God

Sees God as the character described in the Bible or other sacred book

Defines dogma as essential doctrines

Proclaims heaven vs hell to those with right vs wrong beliefs, respectively

Is dependent on idolatrous faith in a sacred book

Tries to use its sacred book to prove that God is real

Is hostile to science and reason when there is conflict with sacred book

Has been a source of warfare and atrocities throughout history

Is intrinsically unifying


Respects the individual regardless of beliefs


Sees Man and all sentient life connected by cosmic mindfulness


Takes no position on reality of God but rejects idea of vengeful or punitive God


Has no doctrines and no dogma


Makes no promises or threats about next-world realms


Has no idolatrous devotion to any tangible object


Accepts that religious and spiritual concepts cannot be proven


Joyfully celebrates science and reason in place of devotion to a sacred book


Reduces the likelihood of warfare and atrocities

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