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About the Book


Indisputable axioms

  • There is no evidence that God exists.

  • There is no absolute proof that Jesus was a real person.

  • There is no doubt that religion has caused great evil in human history.

These facts show that organized religion has no right to expect people to accept its depictions of God.


A different perspective

Most critiques of Christianity offer a rational atheistic perspective—the lack of evidence for the existence of God, and the history of violence and oppression perpetrated in the name of God.

But the atheist argument does not challenge religion’s claim, “It’s not about proof but faith.”

Atheism is not the only possible answer to Christian claims. An alternative answer is rational spirituality—the view that a cosmic mindfulness is present within all sentient life. This idea is speculative; it cannot be proved or disproved. Consequently, rationality does not dictate or preclude acceptance or rejection.


A different kind of book

Logically, a claim is false if it leads inevitably to self-contradiction. If Christian doctrine is self-contradictory, it is false.

What has been lacking is an objective evaluation of Christian doctrine on sin and salvation taken on its own terms, not to see if it is provable but if it is possible—that is, not provably false. Doctrine Impossible fulfills that need, demonstrating that Christian doctrine is self-contradictory and therefore false—not just implausible but impossible.

Doctrine Impossible is not a generic repudiation of faith in God or a dismissal of Jesus' teachings. On the contrary, apart from demonstrating that doctrine on sin and salvation is false, it offers original perspectives on the teachings attributed to Jesus interpreted in the light of rational spirituality.

Doctrine Impossible
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