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About the Author


Steven Tiger, the author of Doctrine Impossible, approaches religion from a rational rather than pious perspective, applying the same type of critical thinking he brought to his career as a writer for the professional medical literature—a relentlessly rational assessment to see if Christian doctrine, taken on its own terms, is even possible. He states:

“During the years I attended churches as an adult, what I was hearing sounded logically self-contradictory. I spoke with hundreds of people and read numerous books. I was looking for a rational assessment of religious doctrine taken on its own terms, as a way to gauge whether I was right about church doctrine. But in face-to-face and on-line debates, Christian apologists were unable to resolve or explain away the self-contradiction I saw in doctrine on sin and salvation, and I found no published work that addressed these issues. I think it’s important, because Christianity is an aggressively proselytic religion. So I wrote this book to summarize my assessment and apologists’ failed attempts at rebuttal.”

Steven Tiger
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