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Steven Tiger, the author of Doctrine Impossible, approaches religion from a rational rather than pious perspective, applying the same type of critical thinking he brought to his career as a writer for the professional medical literature...

Welcome to Rationality & Faith

Faith is not the antithesis of rationality, and "rational faith" is not an oxymoron. Rational faith is trust in what is unproved--not what is disproved. 


However, religious faith is most often dogmatic, and dogmatism is the antithesis of rationality. 


What about spirituality? It is a way of thinking and living, oriented around the concept that a web of consciousness connects all sentient life, such that how we treat others reflects back to ourselves.

Like faith, spirituality is not the antithesis of rationality, for the idea is conjectural--unproved but not disproved. Acceptance is not mandatory but neither is rejection. There is no evidentiary basis for accepting that a spiritual web of consciousness exists but this way of thinking and living has beneficial effects in the real world: an expanded capacity for kindness and compassion, courage and creativity, rationality and respect.

The two-fold purpose of this website is:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of rationality, faith, and spirituality as distinct from dogmatic religiosity

  • To introduce Doctrine Impossible, a book that discusses these issues in depth

Doctrine Impossible delves into topics not explored in other critiques of religion—the inescapable self-contradiction in Christian doctrine on sin and salvation, religion’s idolatrous devotion to its sacred texts, and a new look at Jesus’ teachings from the perspective of rational spirituality rather than dogmatic religiosity.

Although the conclusion—that church doctrine on sin and salvation is self-contradictory—challenges Christianity’s foundational assumption that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible word of God, it does not preclude faith in God or learning from the spiritual teachings of Jesus.

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